The Tattoo Artist


I'm okay if you mess with me. But if you mess with my family and friends?

Three words: I become Karma

Roscoe Hendrix, a Vegas tattoo artist with a bad-boy look appeal, is actually one of the biggest Teddy Bears you’ll ever meet.

Just don’t do anything that’ll get you on his bad side. He’ll make you regret and pay for whatever you’ve done wrong.

Roscoe is a man of his word. He’s loyal, truthful, sweet, kind, and gentle. He’s also a protector; any woman would be lucky to call him hers. Family and friends mean everything to him, and he will do anything for anyone at the drop of a hat.

Anything and everything.

So when he met the woman of his dreams and discovered what had been done to her twin sister and that she hated men altogether, swearing them off forever, he became determined to do everything to win her heart and find the guy who put her sister in a coma.