The Lifeguard


Two eyes on the water, one watchful lifeguard
A beach without her is like a day without sunshine

A new, heartwarming HEA standalone novel from Jeni Rae D.

Romcom full of hilarious banter between the two main characters and their friends


When I first met Chaz Pérez, I thought he was the hottest guy I'd ever met. He was a horrible singer, but funny, and I loved that he had the same humor as me. Even though I left Las Vegas to enjoy my summer vacation in Malibu, California—without looking for a relationship, our chemistry was off the charts.

And that's when my adventure with Chaz began.

He was everything I needed after my ex stole a breakup scene from the movie Legally Blonde two years prior, leaving me heartbroken and skeptical of involving myself in another relationship. Chaz was fun, thoughtful, sexy, adventurous, and up for anything I wanted to do. He also got me to do things I never would've thought about doing—like paragliding.

We spent practically every minute together when he wasn't working the beach. But there was an expiration date, and when that time came, I left Malibu with more than I came with.


I wasn't looking for love, but when I saw the most stunning woman my eyes had ever laid on, sitting at the bar with her friends, I had to introduce myself—and we instantly hit it off. Shiloh was gorgeous, funny, and a lot like me.

After losing who I thought was the love of my life two years prior, I thought I'd never meet another woman worthy enough to spend the rest of my life with. That was until I met and spent most of my summer with Shiloh. I knew instantly that she was the one.

However, there was a problem. She was only in town for the summer.

Her last weekend in town, we spent holed up in my room, where I tried my hardest to talk her into staying, all while giving her the best birthday weekend she'd never forget.

Apparently, whatever I had to say didn't work because when I awoke Sunday morning, she was gone.
For two years, I searched and waited for her to return
Then she did, and I got one hell of a surprise—
one I didn't see coming.