A Summer Affair


The moment I saw you, I saw my future.

A Summer Affair by Jeni Rae D is a romantic comedy that'll have you swooning, laughing, and smiling.

When my best friend begged me to go to Vegas for his bachelor party, I declined. It was the last place I ever wanted to show my face again. But the more he begged and threatened to beat my head with a hammer, I had a change of heart. Only because I was standing up at his wedding and felt it wouldn't be right of me as his best man not to be a part of his bachelor party.

So, I guess, Vegas, here I come!

I enjoyed not being tied down to one woman and having one-night stands. And I dreaded returning to my hometown to party with my friends. That was until I met her, Leilani—
my vision of heaven. Changing my entire way of thinking.

Little did I know, she wasn't some tourist vacationing in Vegas. Nope. She was someone more than that. She was my best friend's fiancée’s maid of honor and a bet I wish never took place. A bet that will later come back to haunt me when she sees me at our friends' wedding—
paired with me.

And let's just say she isn't thrilled to see me—
she's angry.

I never thought I'd say this, but I think my entertaining women days are over. Even though she despises me at the moment, there's only one woman I want to chase right now. And that's her—Leilani, the woman I met in Vegas...

The question is, will she want anything to do with me now that she knows she was a bet—even though I immediately returned the money to my friends after finding out who she was?

And will Leilani be the one to tame Hawaii's notorious playboy?