Erotic Nights


Naughty & Hot

Romantical, Sexy & Humorous

They say everything happens for a reason

Quinn McAdams is part owner in his father’s law firm. Jocelyn Payne is a hardworking criminal and trial attorney at McAndrews Law Firm.

Quinn liked what he saw. He thought she was beautiful and sexy, and he desperately wanted to get her in his bed. “You like what you see, do you?”

Jocelyn liked what she saw and thought he was a gorgeous God. She was in heaven with his woodsy masculine smell, his beautiful eyes, sexy voice, and handsome face, and then she noticed the outlining to the crotch area of his pants and wanted nothing more than to devour him. “Excuse me? Who are you?”

“I’m your worst nightmare…Or, you can call me Johnny Bravo.”

Quinn and his father, Finn, were looking to make partner with one of their attorneys. Finn wanted Graham as partner, and Quinn wanted to make Jocelyn partner.

He liked pissing her off, which attracted her more to him.

He liked her feistiness, and she enjoyed his dirty talk.

They liked to fight because of what came next. Sex…

She has a past, and he has baggage he didn’t know he had, bringing the two closer together. 

Is Jocelyn only after Quinn to make partner after hearing what Quinn’s and Finn’s intentions are?

Is Quinn only wanting her for sex?

Will their relationship be only about sex? Or will the two fall in love?