The Stalker


Things aren't always what they seem

Serenity thought she had it all when she married the sexiest man alive, Warren. He gave her everything she ever wanted and dreamed of having. They had money, the perfect house, the ideal marriage, and a sex life one could ever wish of having.

Then, things began to change. Warren was always away from home, his appearance changed, and claimed it had to do with his job. With him being apart from her as much as he was, Serenity became frustrated, lonely, and depressed. And felt the one thing that could help her get through those long days away from him was to have a baby.

Serenity thought, after explaining to Warren how she felt, things would change. They didn’t. She brought up divorce, in which he refused to grant. Then the night of her birthday, the unimaginable happened. As she waited for Warren at her favorite restaurant, an officer came in, informing her Warren was in an accident and that she needed to go in to identify him.

In her heart, she never believed he was dead. Serenity always felt she had a stalker, but after Warren’s death, it got worse.

Twists. Turns. Mystery. Lies, deceit, and betrayal…