The Accidental Wife


A night of drinking and partying and then flying to Vegas is never a good thing. You could wake up married to someone you shouldn't be.

Jeni Rae D brings you an all-new standalone. A hilarious, enemies to lovers/reverse grumpy sunshine, heartwarming, romantic romcom full of banter, fun, and spice!

  • Rule # 1: Never drink and party with the man who annoyed you on an airplane.
  • Rule # 2: Don't get married to someone you've only known for a few hours after consuming tequila all night.
  • Rule # 3: Follow the agreement you signed, set by the officiant who married you drunks to a T. If you don't, you'll find yourself screwed.
  • Rule # 4: Doing selfless acts will make you a hero.
  • Rule # 5: Don't fall in love with the enemy.
  • Rule # 6: You shouldn't fall in love with your cousin's girl. Shouldn't...

Never say miracles never happen because they can...

After breaking up and leaving her boyfriend in Vegas and dealing with a sexy, cocky, egotistical man on an airplane that made for one long, terrible flight home, Lola needed a night of fun to help her forget the worst day of her life.

Lola and her friend Monique went out drinking later that night, and while at a nightclub, Lola read a message on the bathroom stall wall that said 
for a good time call...

Since she was in a mood and on a mission to mess with someone’s mind, she messaged the number on the stall’s wall—including sending the person on the other end a picture of her bare chest.

What could possibly go wrong when you last remember drinking with your best friend in Miami and then wake up in Vegas the very next morning “sober” next to a man you despise? And you’re married.

Lola and Ryder soon discover they signed an agreement to be married for a year, with a list they’re supposed to follow, and if they break the agreement, there are consequences.

The story will bring you laughs, warm your heart, and bring you to tears with the hearts of Lola and Ryder, who’ll show you the true meaning of love with their selfless acts, 
especially when it concerns a seven-year-old girl with leukemia.

Author's note: This story has no cheating or deaths.